[Seaside] System Browser questions

David Röthlisberger squeak at c3com.ch
Mon Jan 7 09:36:44 UTC 2008

itsme213 schrieb:
> I have one SystemBrowser in my image which shows nested class categories in 
> the left pane (based on common prefix), but when I do the normal
>     Open/system browser
> I don't get that feature. Is there something special I should do?

Which image do you use? In the newest version of Damien's dev- or web-image this 
should be fixed.

Otherwise, you can get the fix by downloading the newest version of the 
OB-Enhancement package from Colin's Monticello repository at 
You can then change the default browser to "OBPackageBrowserAdaptor" which is the one 
with the nested class categories in the left pane.
Open -> System Browser should then open this browser by default.


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