[Seaside] Problems installing Seaside on VW

Valentin Guerlesquin valentin at guerlesquin.net
Wed Jan 9 23:13:03 UTC 2008

Hi Roberto,

Roberto Tagliani a écrit :
> Hi list. Under a VW 7.5 clean image I opened the Public Repository and 
> selected SeasideForWebToolkit to install Seaside2.8a1-lr.518.mcz 
> (Seaside 2.8 "final" for WebToolkit) I received a DNU (see below). I am 
> doing something wrong? Is there another way to install Seaside on VW?
> thanks.

I had the same kind of problems last day while installing seaside on VW.
So I'm now useing the 2.7 branch (2.7b1.23.0, mbany, 17/10/2007), which 
is working pretty good.


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