[Seaside] SUInPlaceEditor - updating

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 14 09:49:01 UTC 2008

If I have:

html div
  id: id_A;
  with: [html div
    id: id_B;
    with: [html inPlaceEditor ...]

Upon an in-place edit, I want to update my model & then re-render from id_A. 
I received this advice from scriptaculous at google-groups:

  "You can also set the option htmlResponse to false and have
  the response from the form submission be raw JavaScript to be

  new Ajax.InPlaceEditor( 'id_B', { htmlResponse: false } );

  And a sample response would be:

  $('id_A').update('new value')"

Would this be possible to do with SU? How do I set the option:

    { htmlResponse: false }

and how to get hold of a script upon which to add the response?

Thanks - Sophie

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