[Seaside] Millions of Associations blowing up RAM

Frank Berger frank.berger.software at web.de
Mon Jan 14 09:50:31 UTC 2008

Hello Seasiders,

I am about to finish a portal website in Seaside 2.7 in VW5.

Currently, I am having massive problems with memory growth and through this with performance. After making some tests for about 15 minutes as a single browser user my image grows by about 40 MB to some 140 MB or more, which is mainly caused by some 1.800.000 or more instances of Association, which alone consume about 37 MB.

Almost all of these Associations look like this:
key: WAStateHolder(nil)
value: WAStateHolder(nil)

Again: This is produced in less than 15 minutes of browser usage by a single user!!!

At the same time there are only about 130-150 instances of WAStateHolder and when I tell them to "oneWayBecome: nil" the Associations are still not garbaged. I have no idea where this massive number of useless Associations comes from.

My questions:
1) Is this a known bug of 2.7, which goes away with 2.8?
2) If not, is the problem known and are there any solutions?

Thank you for your assistance. I will soon come back on this portal project with more details and performance considerations and I think this might potentially become one of or even the Seaside site with the most traffic.

Best regards

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