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Mon Jan 14 10:07:04 UTC 2008

I am familiar with your nice tutorial. I don't get it to run anyway. So here is an excerpt of my test code:

SCComponentTestCase subclass: #WWComponentTestCase>>
configureApplicationForComponent: aComponentClass

	super configureApplicationForComponent: aComponentClass.
	app preferenceAt: #sessionClass put: WWSession.

WWComponentTestCase subclass: #WWStartComponentTest>>
        self newApplicationWithRootClass: WWStartComponent.
	self establishSession.
        self component session isLoggedIn.

This raises an OndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #isLoggedIn exception.

Thank you for your help.

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Schwarz, Jan-Felix wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to use SeasideTesting to test my components. I have overriden the Session class and access the customized session class from my components. Application runs fine in web browser.
> While excecuting the test cases I get errors because calling session from the component returns UndefinedObject. I know I get the session by calling 'self session' from the test class. But for reasonable unit testing I need my component's methods to work properly. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?
> Sorry for my bad English. Thanks for your help.
> Felix

Then just search for the text "sessionClass".  If that doesn't help, let 
me know.


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