[Seaside] Re: SUInPlaceEditor - updating

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 14 10:34:30 UTC 2008

"Lukas Renggli" <renggli at gmail.com> wrote in message
>> and how to get hold of a script upon which to add the response?
> I don't understand your question, but I guess you want to look the the
> methods in the #event protocol of SUInPlaceEditor.

Does this look right to trigger update of id_A?

html div
  id: id_A;
  with: [html span
    id: id_B;
    script: (html inPlaceEditor
        htmlResponse: false;
        triggerInPlaceEditor: [:v | self update: v];
        onComplete: (html evaluator callback:
        "or onSuccess:?"
            (:script |
                script element id_A;
                update: aComponent)));
    with: self model name].

Thanks - Sophie

p.s. The below method comment suggests that #callback:aBlock can get a 
renderer OR a script as it argument, but I could not find #handle:on:

SUAjax>>callback: aBlock
 "Register aBlock as a primary callback of the receiver. It only makes sense 
to have a single primary callback registered per instance. Depending on the 
actual evaluation strategy, see #handle:on:, aBlock will be evaluated with a 
renderer/script as its first argument." 

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