Fw: [Seaside] Millions of Associations blowing up RAM

Frank Berger frank.berger.software at web.de
Mon Jan 14 14:16:45 UTC 2008

Hello Lukas,

Problem solved!

I am very sorry for having bugged you and I apologize. The reason was alone on our side. It was the EphemeronDictionary, which in weakDictionaryOfSize: was initialized via lazy init with a Dictionary instead of a WeakDictionary.

We have the strict policy to explicitly init all statics and class vars via lazy init, because the usual Smalltalk practice of initializing them during file in has proven to be extremely unrealiable and (in my view) unsystematic. So, this bug was added by us.

Again, I apologize. I had thought that this might have to do with the different handling of states in release 2.8.

Best regards

> Currently, I am having massive problems with memory growth and through this with performance. After making some tests for about 15 minutes as a single browser user my image grows by about 40 MB to some 140 MB or more, which is mainly caused by some 1.800.000 or more instances of Association, which alone consume about 37 MB.

This is not normal. There seems to be a problem in your code.

- How many objects do you register for backtracking?

- How many components do you have on one page?

- Are you sure not to re-instantiate components on every render pass?

- How many callbacks does an average page defines?


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