Re: [Seaside] Interest in iPhone interface? - but only if for more than just iPhone

Frank Berger at
Fri Jan 18 09:24:26 UTC 2008


Yes, as long as this is not limited to an exotic and most questionable company like Apple - we are targeting B2B users and not the posh nice little boys and girls who must wear the latest overpriced and monoplized toys. In Europe, the toy company Apple is certainly not in serious business.

We have a mid-range communicator project planned to be available later throughout 2008, which is meant both as an enhancement to our portal websites as well as to our desktop sotware (all in Smalltalk VW5). It is supposed to cover (in sequence of importance):
- Jabber based IM system
- Email client with integrated doc archive system
- Linked with our text archive and help system (almost finished) to refer to standard text modules
- White label VoIP system with protocol functionality in the doc archive system (exists from third party)
- All in one concise user interface in Seaside and on the desktop
- Integrated doc archive system as a central repository for all forms of communication, which essentially already exists
- To be extended / interfaced later to a CRP system.

If anybody is interested, you are most welcome to co-operate. 

If limited to Apple we are not interested.

Best regards

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