[Seaside] #children and Ajax

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 19 00:42:43 UTC 2008

I'm encountering some seemingly not-systematic "Children Not Found while 
processing callbacks" that I don't understand.

Perhaps I did not fully understand this earlier advice from Lukas:

> - Don't try to replace children during AJAX actions without specific
> precautions. E.g. you have to make sure that all the children you are
> possibly going to show are returned by #children. See SUTabPanel and
> SUAccordion for examples.

Is it safe to dynamically add newly created components? These would not be 
in the previous call to #children, but will be included in the next 
#children e.g.

    ^ subComponents

    onClick: (html updater
        callback: [:r | subComponents add: C new.
            self basicRenderOn: r ])

Thanks - Sophie

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