[Seaside] Re: #children and Ajax

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 21 02:14:57 UTC 2008

Hi Sebastian,

>"Sebastian Sastre" <ssastre at seaswork.com> wrote
> My solution was to make an #obseletes instVar where I collect the
> children components that are being obsoleted by this AJAX actions. So
> #children will allways answer the actual valid children components but 
> also
> the obsoletes ones. The obsoletes are never rendered but in case of a
> backtrack they make all work as expected.

I would never have thought of that ... will remember this tip (though my 
current problem seems to be something else).

> Again, as I said, I was not convinced to use AJAX that way at all
> until we have a full ajaxian backtrack solution.

Are you limiting your currently Ajax use then?

Thanks - Sophie

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