[Seaside] Multiple forms on 1 page question

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 21 08:40:57 UTC 2008

Not sure if this is Seaside-specific; apologies if it is about HTML in 

If I have more than 1 form on a page (e.g. from multiple inPlaceEditors, or 
select boxes), the user completes a form, and I take some Ajax action in one 

    onClick: (....
        triggerForm: firstFormId;
        callback: [:r | renderWithoutMessingUp: secondFormId on: r])

And on another form on the same page:

    onClick: (....
        triggerForm: secondFormId;
        callback: [:r | renderWithouMessingUp: firstFormId on: r])

As long as the callbacks of Form-1 does not re-render Form-2, it seems I can 
submit one form without losing the open/partially edited state of the other.

Is this a reasonable and correct way to use Ajax callbacks & forms?

Thanks - Sophie

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