[Seaside] Re: Re: #children and Ajax

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Tue Jan 22 22:46:01 UTC 2008

> C>>renderContentOn: html
>     | id |
>     html div
>         id: (id := html nextId);
>         with: [self basicRenderOn: html optionallyWithId: id]

I'm doing more or less the same.

> C>>basicRenderOn: html
>     ...
>     children do: [:each | html render each]
Massive children render. Caution should be taken in that collection
maintenance no to render any obsolete or removed children.

> > I do something similar without problems (add and remove dynamically 
> > components N times.
> That's good to know. It means I am more likely doing 
> something incorrectly.
> > You allways add only? I ask because the remove is more 
> likely to bring 
> > that kind of trouble
> I do both adds and removes. The failure occurs in a sequence 
> of just adds; perhaps an earlier remove may be causing it?
If you do not maintain carefully children components then the chance of
having that problem is greater but I've asked you because you are the chosen
one to answer that question :) Use ST tools to diagnose things. I use self
assert: in the middle of some code to cach inconsistencies sometimes. Use
anything that could help you get near the answer. Sometimes you don't find
the answer directly but doing things that leads you to a serendipity. So go
do things that favors "serendipitation".



> Thanks,
> Sophie
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