[Seaside] Re: liveCallback method in Seaside 2.8

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Sun Jan 27 18:26:40 UTC 2008

Dale Henrichs wrote:
> Dario,
> I successfully loaded SeasideAsync-mb.73 into GemStone/s running the final
> version of 2.2.4 with GLASS-dkh.44 and the livetests page came up without error.
> I hit a missing #asMilliSeconds when I clicked the periodictests link (GemStone
> Duration class needs that method), but that doesn't sound like your problem.
> I think you are running 2.2.4beta2, so you can't move to GLASS-dkh.44, but I
> wouldn't think that the code differences would affect SeasideAsync. 
> If you are still having trouble, perhaps you could provide a little more
> information. 

I have been doing a little more testing today and I have run into a 
different bug that only shows up when running under FastCGI (and 3 gems) 
... the error that comes up is "Error 2318: User defined error, <'Not a 
live request'>".  I'll try tracking this down.


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