[Seaside] Seaside + RFB / VNC Bug

Rajeev Lochan lochan94 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 20:49:05 UTC 2008

There seems to be a method #hex missing in class Integer in latest Seaside
One-Click Image, Latest Ramon's (AFAIK). The method existed in earlier
images (ex: Damien's web images). Without this method, tightVNC was not able
to connect to RFB/VNC server on hosted image. After adding this method,
VNC-Server works fine. I hope its not an issue to add Integer>>hex

Integer >> hex
"receiver is in range 0 to 255. Returns a two 'digit' hexadecimal
representation of the receiver.
If you want no padding use asHexDigit or printStringHex. i.e.
     15 printStringHex ==  'F'
     15 asHexDigit == $F
     15 hex == '0F'"
^self printStringBase: 16 length: 2 padded: true

Rajeev Lochan

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