[Seaside] SqueakSource for Seaside 2.8

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 06:45:12 UTC 2008

2008/1/29, James Foster <Smalltalk at jgfoster.net>:
> I'd like to get SqueakSource running in GemStone/S on Seaside 2.8. In http://www.squeaksource.com/ss
>   I see SqueakSource-pmm.1025.mcz with the comment "move to Seaside
> 2.8". I've tried loading that package into the Seaside one-click
> image, and experienced the following issues:
> First, it asks about a dependency on an older version of Kom and I
> allow loading the older version.
> Second, there are syntax errors in
>         MacOSGraphVizGenerator>>runWithSystemFramework:
>         UnixGraphVizGenerator>>runWithSystem:
>         WAHtmlBuilder>>render:
> Once I get beyond these issues (by commenting out the syntax errors)
> and restart WAKom, I get various "not found" errors for things that
> are not defined, but for things that are defined (such as "seaside/
> config" and "seaside/examples" we seem to wait forever.
> Can you suggest a combination of things that can run SqueakSource with
> Seaside 2.8 and the steps to start it?

SqueakSource 2 now has it's own repository at:
The version you tried to load was a very early version from Camp
Smalltalk in Lugano

you will need
- Announcements
- Magritte-Tests
- Magritte-Seaside
- Magritte-Model (transitive)
- TinyWiki (from the repository)
- Yaxo
- SmaCC-lr.13 (transitive)

The simplest way to start should be to load it from Universes in the
category "Group Development". That should pull all dependencies.


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