[Seaside] Brush or Component?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Wed Jan 30 21:29:11 UTC 2008

> For some simple "elements" such this, the frontier between 
> using a brush or a component is fuzzy to me[*].
> In this case, using a brush makes it easier to reuse inside a 
> magritte editor component, stand alone, or inside another component.
Maybe it works (I mean in term of development costs here) when using
magritte I really can't say.

> Am I thinking too much MVC/MVP in Seaside?
No more than me ;) and happily I'm reusing components/code agresively
because of that.

> Best regards,
> [*] I know you worked with Dolphin Smalltalk, and it is like 
> the ambiguity between a Presenter or a ValuePresenter, or 
> even on defining a new view class or compose a new view 
> resource. This is until you really understand the MVP approach.
> --
> Esteban A. Maringolo
> eMaringolo at gmail.com
> _______________________________________________

It's curios you mention that, in fact I'm using value models in some value
presenters that are a seaside kind of component I've made to mimic the
Dolphin's way. It's very cool be able to do that.



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