[Seaside] Problem in a test with Swazoo+Seaside

Lautaro Fernández evaklo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 14:13:32 UTC 2008

Did you know that by overriding the method "HTTPPostDatum>>value:" make
"HTTPRequestTest>>testPostUrlEncodedData" fails?
I wonder why the HTTPPostDatum needs a collection to store a value, because
if I'm not wrong, the only place where the datum (HTTPPostDatum) is used is
in the message "SeasideResource>>unwrapFields:", and it ends using the
"addAll:" message.

So, I'm missing something? There is another place where the datum needs a

Thanks for your time,
Lautaro Fernández
PS: I'm working with VWnc 7.5, Swazoo 1.0 and Seaside 2.8, all from the
repository of Cincom.

==Original message==
value: anObject
    value:= anObject

==Override message==
value: anObject
    value isNil ifTrue: [value := OrderedCollection new].
    value add: anObject

Luke LAut SkyFernadezWalker
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