[Seaside] overriding RRHandlerEditor for RSS

Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 23:20:38 UTC 2008

I want to create a new configuration dialog for my RSS component.  I've
already created the proper class deriving from RRComponent and that is
working well.  I want to override the RRHandlerEditor as well.  It is not
calling my component and I am not sure why or how to debug.

What I did:  I already have a class MyRssComponent (derived from
RRComponent) which properly implements isFeed and canBeRoot on the class
side.   I added two classes, one called MyRssHandlerEditor (deriving from
RRHandlerEditor) and MyRssHandler (deriving from WAEntryPoint).  Inside of
MyRssHandler I override only configurationComponent and change it to
instantiate an instance of MyRssHandlerEditor:

    ^MyRssHandlerEditor new
        handler: self;

Then, inside of MyRssHandlerEditor I override renderFormOn: so that it is
changed slightly from .  I also override registerAsApplication as a class
method inside of MyRssComponent that looks like this:

registerAsApplication: aString
    WADispatcher default
        register: ((MyRssHandler named: aString)
            rootComponent: self;

I never see the editor I've defined get called.  I've been browsing around
the source for a while and am not sure how to troubleshoot this.  If I call
self halt. within registerAsApplication nothing happens, neither with a ' 1
/ 0. '

I do notice that if I put a 'self halt' into the registerAsApplication that
the icon in the squeak browser changes from a green down arrow to a red
flag.  I assume this means something.  I've noticed that the
registerAsApplication within RRComponent is a double-headed green arrow.
Can someone point out where I can understand what these mean?  I've been
looking over the squeak documentation and not sure where to start looking.

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