[Seaside] Newbie alert: file uploads, etc.

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Mon Jul 7 17:46:12 UTC 2008


Sorry if I skimmed this the wrong way but:

> Just how evil are file uploads?  Do they work with or without a proxy
> server?  Most files I find tend to be .pdf, usually 800k or so, ranging
> from very small (no worries) to just shy of 3MB.  Is that a reasonable
> thing to expect to work?  Any other questions I should be asking?

Uploads work just fine for files this size - if you move up to files in
say 20Mb and larger you should use the latest code I whipped up not so
long ago and which I think has been integrated into Seaside/Kom for
"direct buffered" uploads going straight to a file on disk. This works
full speed for any file size (tried it with a couple hundred Mb files).

There should be file upload examples in Seaside IIRC.

regards, Göran

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