[Seaside] overriding RRHandlerEditor for RSS

Michael Davies mykdavies+squeak at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 20:01:35 UTC 2008

> I do notice that if I put a 'self halt' into the registerAsApplication that
> the icon in the squeak browser changes from a green down arrow to a red
> flag.  I assume this means something.  I've noticed that the
> registerAsApplication within RRComponent is a double-headed green arrow.
> Can someone point out where I can understand what these mean?  I've been
> looking over the squeak documentation and not sure where to start looking.

Hi Chris, I see that James has answered the specific question, but I
thought I'd share my experiences in exploring the answer to your
question. Have a look at my post at

Cheers, Michael

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