[Seaside] Seaside/Squeak/Linux: service with GUI as needed

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sat Jul 12 15:50:10 UTC 2008

Hello all,

Is it reasonable to expect Squeak/Pharo with Seaside, and other tools to
perform as follows:

(1) Pharo image(s) run as service(s); the computer is (ab)used pretty
much as an appliance; technicians are told to plug in the network cable,
then turn on the box, and if all is well, it "just works".

(2) most (Smalltalk) configuration tasks happen via a Seaside interface.

(3) I realize that I can edit code through Seaside's halos, but I will
sometimes want to interact graphically with the Squeak image; it will be
doing other things beyond serving Seaside pages.  I envision (please
tell me if there are better ways) making a remote desktop (or similar)
connection to the server, stopping the offending service, and restarting
it as a desktop user to debug, save the changed image, exit, restart the
service, and log out.

Is this a SSH/VNC task, or is there a better way.  Some things I have
read appear to suggest that one can simply use VNC to attach to the
running Squeak service and a GUI instantly appears???  That seems too
slick to expect it to work.

Do things change if one replaces Linux with Windows?  I am trying to
escape, but it will take some time to complete the transfer.


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