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Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sun Jul 13 22:33:38 UTC 2008


I am indeed afraid of something (for good reason), but it is NOT Apache.
 Let's use an analogy.  Bolts are easy to use, right?  What could be
easier than screwing them into a hole?  But imagine a bolt that is
inserted only finger tight, followed by a distraction, and never
properly tightened??  Of course, I wasn't stupid enough to fall for that
one, and *certainly* not today while fixing my lawn mower<g>, but it
could happen...


Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Sun Jul 13 20:32:26 UTC 2008
> Ramon,
> Responding in particular to "it's not some trivial thing to simply
> reimplement and replace everything it can do for you out of the box" -
> who said I wanted to do THAT?  If one wants the power of 
> Apache, by all
> means use Apache.  But for something that acts only as a front end to
> configure and monitor something something else, it might make a lot of
> sense to build something that can do it w/o installing and maintaining
> something as powerful as Apache.
> Bill

I guess I can understand that desire, I just don't agree because it's
on the assumption that "installing and maintaining something as powerful
Apache" is some huge task to be avoided, but it's trivial and not worth
effort to avoid.  Doing complex things with apache can be a bear, but
simple thing is simple.  I know what you want to do, I just feel your
resistance to Apache is more rooted in not wanting to leave Smalltalk or
a tool that isn't already in your toolbox.

Ramon Leon

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