[Seaside] About Seaside 3.0

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Jul 14 16:45:35 UTC 2008

I'm impressed by the communication effort and the style.

> How close is Seaside to being able to offer something like Heroku?
> http://heroku.com/
> This seems to be the start of the art in 'simple to get started'.  
> Start
> coding from your browser, build and deploy a 'hello world' app in 5  
> minutes,
> tell your friends to point their browsers at your site. Seems like  
> Seaside
> has most of that too, and by enabling it from the browser on a  
> hosted stack,
> all the questions about stack, integration etc disappear.

I think that this was the meta thread I had in mind. Technical solutions
are just part of the overall solutions. We are painfully writing a book
but I would love to see other people contribute to seaside and this
does not mean technically.


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