[Seaside] thoughts on Seaside 3.0

Todd Blanchard tblanchard at mac.com
Mon Jul 14 22:24:19 UTC 2008

I wish I could believe this.  I recently put out a call for a "CSS  
Savvy web designer" and I got quite a few submissions.  I have been  
plowing through the portfolios and sample work and the bottom line is,  
out of over 100 designer submissions, 3 were "mostly" properly CSS  

The industry just doesn't seem to be there. (And if anyone has a CSS  
savvy web developer in the Seattle area he'd like to recommend, I'm  
all ears).

On Jul 14, 2008, at 11:08 AM, Ramon Leon wrote:

> Ditto, once the programmer figures out the style of html the  
> designer likes
> and what things he likes to be tagged with id's or given class  
> names, the
> programmer can abstract these things and the workflow becomes much  
> smoother.
> I also let the designer build the initial HTML mock up when I then  
> translate
> to Seaside.  Initially, there's some effort required with programmer  
> and
> designer learning to work with each other, but when isn't that the  
> case with
> any two people?

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