[Seaside] Problem with Checkboxes

Felix Dorner felix_do at web.de
Mon Jul 21 15:04:40 UTC 2008

Hi Cdric,

>>   html form: [
>>       survey questions from:first to:last do: [ :question | question
>> renderContentOn: html ].
> another remark:
> [:question | html render: question]
> "It's important that you use #render:, rather than directly calling
> the #renderContentOn: method of the subcomponent. " if question is a
> component (then don't forget to use children).
Question is actually not a WAComponent subclass. Anyway, thanks for the 
advice, I'll keep that in mind.

> If Question is not a subclass of WAComponent, then implement renderOn:
> instead of renderContentOn:
Why? Simply to avoid confusion?


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