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Conrad Taylor conradwt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 23:22:12 UTC 2008

Hi James, being that Portland Ruby Brigade and Gemstone are located in the
same state, Gemstone do a similar contest in the future where Gemstone hosts
it.  However, this time we focus on the content within the browser instead
of the content in the address field.
Part One:  Each framework developing team will construct an Othello game.

Part Two:  The constructed Othello games from each framework team will
compete against the others
                in NCAA Basketball style (i.e. win or loose).

Lastly, it would be very interesting to see all the web frameworks do


On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 3:46 PM, James Foster <Smalltalk at jgfoster.net>

> Hi Conrad,
> I agree that the competition is slanted toward Rails--but since it is being
> sponsored by the Portland Ruby Brigade that seems only fair. Given the
> expectations of the hosts and attendees, it seemed reasonable to try to bend
> Seaside into that sort of application. Some of Seaside's power is that we
> can do URL parsing if we need to do so. If nothing else, I'd like to avoid
> an argument about the relative merits of RESTful URLs vs URL
> rewiring--particularly in this crowd. In any case, I'll probably save those
> features for the end and if I run out of time I'll fail that part of the
> test.
> James
> On Jul 22, 2008, at 2:34 PM, Conrad Taylor wrote:
> Hi James, I would like to wish you the best of luck.  Using Gemstone/S will
> allow you to concentrate on other parts of the example because you don't
> have to deal with RDBMS.  Next, it seems that the competition caters more to
> Rails and REST if there's a firm requirement in regards to the URL.  Thus,
> is it really necessary to parse the URL?  For example, this is all the
> possible options for the search form:
> option A:  no input text,  no  selection  Result:  all the items in the
> list
> option B:  input text, no selection  Result:  subset of all the items in
> the list
> option C:  no input text, a selection  Result:  subset of all the items in
> the list
> option D:  input text, a selection  Result:  subset of all the items in the
> list
> Next, here's my translation of the last three bullet points on the contest
> page:
> /receipe/ID  equals the Show link
> /recipes/titles*/SUBSTRING* or /recipes?titles=*SUBSTRING  equals one of
> the options above (i.e. text input and selector)*
> /recipes/course*/ID* or /recipes?course=*ID  *equals one of the options
> above (i.e. text input and selector)
> In short, I'm thinking that the URL parsing is irrelevant because you're,
> for the most part, interacting with the form.
> Good luck,
> -Conrad
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