[Seaside] OSCON "contest"

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 05:03:10 UTC 2008

>> - Do you need MACommandColumnEx and MACommand? Could you get away
>> without them even if it makes the code less obvious (not everything
>> about Rails is obvious). Given that the code is not longer.
>> ....
> I think I need these extensions to get the "Are you sure?" JavaScript. I
> couldn't find a way to get a MACommandCollumn to add the #'onClick:' to the
> anchor. (In a similar way, I think I need the PRDocumentComponent to render
> the Wiki markup. It seems like this capability should have been available
> already but I couldn't find it.)

I see, I should have read more carefully. No, I'm not aware of such

>> - Are you prepared to make courses first class objects?
> My first couple attempts did take that approach. On further reflection, it
> didn't look necessary from the requirements and it required more typing.

No, what I meant that they say some of the requirements will be
announced when the competition starts. This is for example something I
would do.

>> - your URL parsing looks a bit hairier than usual
> Suggestions are welcome! Are there any examples of clean URL parsing? is
> there a base class I'm not using?

No, not yet :-( but:

aRequest accessPath copyFrom: 3 to: aRequest accessPath size

- I'm not ware of an #accessPath method in WARequest
- why do exclude the first 3 characters?

>> - only if you have free time consider playing around with #updateRool:
>> and add to path
>> - storing the path from #initialRequest: in an instance variable is
>> not a good idea
> Is there an easy way to get access to it in the render code?

self session currentRequest

> I saw it in the
> initialRequest: method, so took it. If I can defer it to the render code,
> then I'll move it there.

The problem is that #initialRequest: is sent only once, that the
beginning of the session.


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