[Seaside] Re: [squeak-dev] [Q] File Upload/Download Server, Comanche or Swazoo

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 06:39:46 UTC 2008

2008/7/23 "S.J.Chun" <chunsj at embian.com>:
> Hi,
> We already have apache + perl + rails server for this. What I'm currently trying
> to implement using Squeak is for desktop PC users so that they also can host
> these kind of service if they want(without paying fee :-) for small number of
> people. Why I choose Squeak is that it would make me easy to create simple
> installable package(I have experience on similar thing - web app - using Squeak).
> So, what you mean is that Squeak cannot handle > 4GB or 2 GB sized file because
> it cannot address them, right? If this is true especially on Windows, I have to find other
> simple platform, Sigh T_T

No, what I say is, there are a lot more parts involved here than
Squeak and they all can blow up.


> As I said before, I cannot use apache or other full scale web server. I might have to
> use old dirty C to create dedicated server...
> Thank you for your help.
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>  2008/7/23 "S.J.Chun" <chunsj at embian.com>:
>> Hmm,
>> it seems that with current Seaside(I'm using 2.8) large file upload mught be hard
>> task.
>> And for file size, not all files have that size.(Sorry for my poor english) But some of
>> the files will have that size.
> 10 GB is massive. There are whole lot of 32bit integers that can
> overflow and a lot of other things that can go wrong at any stage
> including the browser and Apache.
>> My current idea is that I should create module(?) for Comanche or Swazoo for File
>> Upload (this just process multipart/form request for file upload with additional
>> parameters) and small web application or module for processing download url.(This
>> might be possible with Seaside with RESTable URL support or simple module).
> I only tried the upload streaming for Kom on localhost. While it could
> handle largish files (40 MB) it wasn't able to get close to 400 MB. So
> Kom might not be your tool. I have not seen an upload streaming API
> for Swazoo (which doesn't mean it's not there). Squeak might not be
> the best tool for the job where. HTTP might not be as well.
> For the download I would simply set a X-Sendfile header and let Apache
> handle it.
> Cheers
> Philippe

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