[Seaside] OSCON "contest"

James Foster Smalltalk at JGFoster.net
Thu Jul 24 14:38:26 UTC 2008

I'd like to thank all of you for your interest and support as we  
prepared for this competition. Now for the report...

Overall I'm disappointed with my performance. 20 minutes is just too  
short a time for building even a trivial application using GLASS. The  
analogy that comes to mind is this competition (race) was a sprint and  
we are much better suited to competing in a marathon. There was a  
point a  couple days ago when I told people that we'd do better if we  
got a beta copy of Cincom's Web Velocity from James Robertson and used  
it for the competition. I think they (Cincom) are doing an excellent  
job at aiming at this sort of audience.

James Foster

On Jul 16, 2008, at 2:46 PM, Kyle Dawkins wrote:

> Hey Seasiders
> The RoR folks are running this at OSCON:
> http://pdxfoscon.org/competition
> Probably a good opportunity to show-off what Seaside can do.  I  
> can't attend so I can't volunteer but presumably since they mention  
> Seaside and Gemstone, there are some people already signed up in the  
> Seaside camp?  Yes, yes, it's a silly contest (and proves very  
> little), but could result in a few heads turned in our direction, no?
> I'd love to watch this... hopefully someone will provide a  
> screencast at some point?!
> Cheers
> Kyle
> kyle at idealist.org
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