[Seaside] OSCON "contest"

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Thu Jul 24 15:29:08 UTC 2008

>>>>> "James" == James Robertson <jrobertson at cincom.com> writes:

James> Yes, Web Velocity would have been well suited for that.  And Randal has
James> a copy :)

I was thinking it would be funny if I pulled out my laptop and started
from scratch with WV while the GS team was competing. :)

The real problem seemed to be that there's a lot of code to type to describe
the meta data (Magritte)... but once that code is typed, lots of things are
available in very flexible ways.  The other frameworks essentially intermix
metadata and uses of that data, and would spend a lot longer to *change* the
result once built.  And we all know, the majority cost of software is not
initial development, but *maintenance* in reaction to changing minds^Wgoals
of the customer.

For example, had the contest been to start with your already built application
and then simply *add* the rating, the GS team would have been done in 3
minutes, while the other teams (I suspect) would have taken longer, especially
to figure how how to migrate their persistent schemas.

Also, James Foster - you gotta learn to use a code browser that has
ecompletion.  I just started using one, and it's amazingly cool.  It would
have cut your typing time in half, likely.

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