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Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 22:41:42 UTC 2008

2008/7/24 James Foster <Smalltalk at jgfoster.net>:
> On Jul 24, 2008, at 8:51 AM, Igor Stasenko wrote:
>> 2008/7/22 James Foster <Smalltalk at jgfoster.net>:
>>> I think I need these extensions to get the "Are you sure?" JavaScript. I
>>> couldn't find a way to get a MACommandCollumn to add the #'onClick:' to
>>> the
>>> anchor. (In a similar way, I think I need the PRDocumentComponent to
>>> render
>>> the Wiki markup. It seems like this capability should have been available
>>> already but I couldn't find it.)
>> Here the simple class which draws a dialog using lightbox.
>> Just add a method , like this:
>> confirmDialog: aTitle with: aContentsBlock
>>        ^ self lightbox: (TheDialogWindow confirmDialog: aTitle with:
>> aContentsBlock)
>> and then you can use it like this:
>> html submitButton value: 'Delete this worthless stuff'; callback: [
>>   (self confirmDialog: 'Deleting worthless stuff' with: [:htm | htm
>> text: 'Do you really think this stuff is worthless?'] )
>>   ifTrue: [ self deleteStuff ]
>> ].
>> Note, that you can put any html inside a dialog window.
>> Try it out :)
>> --
>> Best regards,
>> Igor Stasenko AKA sig.
>> <TheDialogWindow.st>
> That does look nice, though I believe it does require execution of server
> code to handle the dialog. What drove me to do the extension was the
> "requirement" to use JavaScript so that the server code only ran if the user
> confirmed based on code running only on the client.

Well, i really don't think that validating forms using javascript is
good way. Because it is not secure, and often you need more additional
data to validate an input, which accessible only at server side and
hidden from client's eyes.

Oh, and btw: good user interface should not show any 'yes-no' dialogs :)
UI should be built on a principle which allows user do things first,
without asking 'yes-no' all the way around, and then allow to revert
things back (undo) at any the moment when he finds he made wrong

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