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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Jul 25 17:14:16 UTC 2008

I'm sensitive to visual beauty and this is why I nearly fainted when I  
opened any Smalltalk for the first time
except the Squeak version of Henryk who was based on subpixel  
rendering and used to have transparent menus before
MacOS X.


> +1. They even have choosen a representative typography and took the  
> work to
> inject that even when is not standard (using imgs). That make  
> evident that they
> really know about the power that design has to make messages to  
> reach users. I
> mean, even to the typography level.
> I work with designers too and I'm learning design in several domains  
> (not only
> web) just to understand thinking all the time how to make a better  
> web app.
> Differently from a couple of years ago, I have today a lot of  
> respect for design
> principles. We need to embrace this principles and show that with  
> facts.
> 	Cheers,
> Sebastian Sastre
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>> I'm impressed by the communication effort and the style.
>>> How close is Seaside to being able to offer something like Heroku?
>>> http://heroku.com/
>>> This seems to be the start of the art in 'simple to get started'.
>>> Start
>>> coding from your browser, build and deploy a 'hello world'
>> app in 5
>>> minutes,
>>> tell your friends to point their browsers at your site. Seems like
>>> Seaside
>>> has most of that too, and by enabling it from the browser on a
>>> hosted stack,
>>> all the questions about stack, integration etc disappear.
>> I think that this was the meta thread I had in mind.
>> Technical solutions
>> are just part of the overall solutions. We are painfully
>> writing a book
>> but I would love to see other people contribute to seaside and this
>> does not mean technically.
>> Stef
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