[Seaside] About Seaside 3.0

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Jul 25 17:18:26 UTC 2008

>> I think you you've identified some key points for easing the adoption
> of Seaside, but the reason no-one's scratching that itch, is that
> there really isn't that big a problem when you're in the know -
> download Damien's web-dev image, set-up Apache following Ramon's
> examples, load ShoreComponents or roll your own, and pick your
> persistence solution - it's not that these elements aren't there, it's
> that there's no step-by-step guide that puts all of this information
> in the hands of developers new to Squeak and Seaside.

For me this is a problem. There is a huge difference between a one  
click experience
and not finding the right information....


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