[Seaside] Page with entry fields in a form and anchors

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 14:29:32 UTC 2008

>The problem is that if the user
> clicks on a link the data is the form is not processed. I understand why it
> works this way, but from a usability point of view it is unexpected. Is
> there some way (JavaScript?) of setting some trigger to trap navigation away
> from the page check for any modified fields and take some action (like an
> auto-submit or a confirm dialog)?

Not sure if it applies for your case, but with Scriptaculous you can
have something like:

html submitButton
    onClick: (html request "updater if you want a request plus an update
             triggerForm: 'yourFormId'  "triggerFormElement if you
only want a field... except multiples choices)
             callback: [:value | ...])
    with: 'name'

if updater, you have a block with a renderer

...onClick: (html updater
				id: 'anidToBerendered';
                                triggerFormElement: 'anId';
				callback: [ :render | self renderThisBlock]



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