[Seaside] Ideas worth stealing

Edward Stow ed.stow at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 02:53:36 UTC 2008

> A VERY common problem one finds on the web is the desire to have an instant
> community website with forums, a blog, some static content (marketing info
> or instructional manuals) and a little store to charge money for things.
> Google 'integrate phpbb wordpress' to get a feel for how many people want to
> do this.
I find myself also needing these features.

Currently I have a fledgling application that has a major google  maps
component and requires  features typical in a community based site:
user administration, forums, messages, comments etc.  Plus a small
amount of server side code to manage the maps.

Unfortunately Pier does not contain the extensive feature set
available in many OS forum projects.  Currently under consideration is
Vanila http://getvanilla.com/

My client would prefer to use MySql,  and as much as it may be derided
as an RDBMS,  for 95% of  projects it is good enough. It is the
defacto standard server side dbms.  Squeak must learn how to play well
with MySql to be considered in the mix of open source solutions.

I haven't as yet written Seaside out of the picture, and I personally
love using smalltalk, but also need to write applications with the
best available and feature rich components and just now Seaside is not
hitting the mark.

Edward Stow

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