[Seaside] Seaside XUL - Question about Toolbars

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 1 23:56:36 UTC 2008

Hi Pavel

I have a question about a toolbar code in Seaside XUL. I created a test file 
(below) that I run as a Seaside Application (using  XULRenderContinuation and 
XULSession). It's #renderContentOn is pretty much borrowed (simplified) from 
your XUL Periodic table application.

The toolbarButton with the yellow button shows, but When clicked, the callback 
(self halt in it etc) is never invoked. It looks like the XULAjax created 
there is not registered in the right place, I tried to debug it and compare 
behaviour with the XUL Periodic table but so far could not figure out why the 
two behave differently. Is there anything obvious why that is?

Thanks Milan
===============================  TATestMenuComp
'From Squeak3.9.1 of 2 March 2008 [latest update: #7075] on 4 June 2008 at 
6:41:42 pm'!
XULComponent subclass: #TATestMenuComp
	instanceVariableNames: ''
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: 'TA-Component'!

!TATestMenuComp methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'mz 6/4/2008 15:29'!

	super initialize.
! !

!TATestMenuComp methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'mz 6/4/2008 18:40'!
renderContentOn: xml
	xml vBox flex: 1; style: 'overflow: auto'; with: [
		xml description with: [xml heading: 'XUL Toolbar'.].
		xml groupBox flex: 1; with: [
			xml caption label: 'tool bar'.
			xml toolBox with: [
				xml toolBar with: [
					xml toolBarButton 
						type: 'radio';
						name: 'color';
						image: 'http://www.hevanet.com/acorbin/xul/images/yellow_apple.png'; 
						onCommand: 	(xml ajax callback: [self halt. Transcript show: 'In 
! !

"-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- "!

TATestMenuComp class
	instanceVariableNames: ''!

!TATestMenuComp class methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'mz 6/4/2008 
	"Overriden from parent </WAComponent class/>, allows this component to be 
used to define Seaside application name.
	This component will present itself at the Seaside admin screen as an 
	^true.! !

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