[Seaside] Email link and seaside workers

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
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Totally agree. In fact that go to be my second question because workers may restart or the server itself may restart in the middle of the email send and the click of the link. So the convenience of sending the continuation link by email lost most of its value for real world. Persistence of state is the way to go
    thanks Boris,
Sebastian Sastre



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That would be load balancers work, but of course the more reliable way to do this would be to persist the state you are linking instead of using continuations, who knows if that worker will even be available 2 min from now, you can't assume that it will.


-Boris (via BlackBerry)

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Hi there,

        has anybody faced a situation in which you have 4 balanced seaside
workers (sticky session and all that balancer stuff) and is able to send a
continuation secure link that will make the user to reach the right session on
the right seaside worker?

        Should be added a var beside _s and _k? like _w for the worker
dissambiguation? Who and how will disambiguate that?


Sebastian Sastre

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