[Seaside] WATree redraw

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Tue Jun 3 17:14:44 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Hilaire" == Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire at ofset.org> writes:

Hilaire> With WATree, each time a node is unfolded pressing the +, the web page is
Hilaire> entirely updated and scrolled back at the top (as it is usual). From an
Hilaire> usability point of view this is kind of catastrophic, especially when you have
Hilaire> long tree, longer than the screen height. Do some of you know some solution to
Hilaire> fix that behaviour?

To scroll to the right place, you need to have an <a name="anchorname"></a>
and the fetched page must fetch http:/......#anchorname, so it's *possible*,
but it's gonna take some work.

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