[Seaside] Re: Ideas worth stealing

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 3 20:11:09 UTC 2008

Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2008/6/3 Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn at stonehenge.com>:
>>>>>>> "Tim" == Tim M <365nice at gmail.com> writes:
>> Tim> I am a bit new to Sqeuak, and I guess there is Squeak Map? Or Monticello
>> Tim> repositories but then its not clear to me how I can find all the Seaside
>> Tim> specific items and how they help me? Maybe just a page with a description
>> Tim> on how to use those other tools might act as a good starting point?
Another option is to load Sake/Packages

Installer install: 'Packages'.

Then you could perform a search for all packages which depend upon Seaside.

>> Search "seaside" at www.squeaksource.com under "projects" for some interesting
>> things, but I'm sure that's not all of them.
>> Although, wow, it *is* up to five pages.  Darn.  I guess I know what I'm doing
>> today.
> For those so eager to do something. This would be an example of what
> you could do, make such a list and write it down.
> Cheers
> Philippe
Better still

If someone was willing to maintain the Sake/Packages definitions for as 
many Seaside add-ons as possible, then we can build up the portfolio and 
automatically generate a catalog from the descriptions.


Auto generated from Sake/Packages:

Integration of Google services into Pier.
Provide additional documents on a praticular structure, for example to 
add a side-bar. Custom documents can inherit from the parent and/or 
provide a default document.
Seaside goodies. Includes different charts libraries and other cool 
stuff for seaside applications. SeaChart components are standard Seaside 
components that you can embed into your Seaside application.

Seaside bindings for PlotKit (http://www.liquidx.net/plotkit). PlotKit 
is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript.
Pier tag cloud plugin.
Magma Seaside-alpha
Greatly enhanced

- control panel for magma
- shared sessions
- support for detailed logging

Provides centralized initialization and control of whole pier 
layout/style policies for the root frame component.
High-level Javascript bindings for the Seaside web application 
framework. This package includes PrototypeJS 
(http://www.prototypejs.org) and script.aculo.us (http://script.aculo.us).
Pier blog plugin.
Pier Smalltalk syntax highlighting plugin.
A set of useful components for Seaside.

Shore Components project is a library of building blocks for Seaside.
Currently it contains only few of them, but we hope that the project
can serve as the meeting point for those people asking in mailing
lists for such a library again and again.

Anybody who has an interesting reusable component for Seaside and is
willing to share it with community is strongly encouraged to do so.
Pier LaTeX math mode plugin.
Extension to pier providing Magma persistence
jQuery Javascript library, an alternative to prototype, for use with 
Seaside, uses jQuery framework
Magma Seaside
Provides Seaside applications a suggested interface to a Magma 
repository, and a supplemental panel in Seaside''s Configuration utility 
to point the application to any local or remote Magma repository.

Each Seaside session will create its own connection to the Magma 
repository, known as a MagmaSession. Note WAMagmaSession extends 
WASession to manage the allocation of this MagmaSession and its closure 
when the Seaside session is finalized.

See the website for more information
Class for constructing css
SqueakSource is a web based repository for Monticello.
TinyWiki is a tiny wiki implementation based on the model of SmallWiki.
RSS 2.0 feed creation with Seaside canvas API.
Supersleight library for transparent ng support in IE6

Pier bindings for Seaside.
High-level Comet bindings for the Seaside web application framework.
NiftyCornersCube Javascript library for use with Seaside
Patches to the base seaside

The version number indicates the version of seaside this is synced with.
Magritte bindings for Seaside.
Pier lightbox plugin.
A small example using announcements to implement a simple menu in seaside.
Lukas'' import of the Blueprint Library
Extension to pier providing Magma persistence
Pier Unix security plugin.
Magma seasideHelper
Provides Seaside applications with an interface to a Magma repository.

Includes detailed logging, and many preconfigured MagmaSession policies.

See the website for more information
jQuery Javascript library, an alternative to prototype, for use with 
Seaside, uses jQuery framework
Squeak web packages
Abstract package that only depends on other packages. This packages are 
used to build a squeak distribution for developers.
Pier randomizer plugin.
Pier with some common plugins. A good package to get started with Pier 
development or deployment.
Enabled design editing tools in the context of the applied page.
CurvyCornersCube Javascript library for use with Seaside, uses jQuery 
Pier editor enhancement plugin.
extensions to Scriptaculous to support jQuery framework (I think?)

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