[Seaside] Great examples to copy and learn from?

Tim M 365nice at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 07:04:52 UTC 2008

I was recently doing some coding in Dolphin Smalltalk and wanted to add a 
toolbar button with a drop down menu to my application. Noticing that the 
Dolphin browsers have this functionality for their history buttons, I clicked 
on the live object inspect button, moved my mouse cursor over the history 
button and got an inspector on how "they did it". Browsing references in 
my image, I quickly found examples of how to implement dropdown toolbar buttons 
in my app too.

This got me thinking about Seaside - are their any good applications that 
show off the best functionality in seaside such that I can easily toggle 
the halos and figure out how to copy those good bits in my seaside applications 
too? There are the test suites and there is the HPI todo application (which 
is a close candidate) but somehow they seem a bit shallow for getting full 

It could be that in my newness I haven't yet picked up the good trails to 
follow - but I can't help but notice that one of the real powers of Smalltalk 
is that when coding there are great examples in the image alongside you. 
In fact they are more than examples as they are being used around you and 
so are up to date and easily browsable. 

Is there something written in Seaside maybe to manage your components and 
browse stuff that uses drag and drop and lots of rich ajax examples that 
would give this good example at your fingertips?

Just a thought.


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