[Seaside] Great examples to copy and learn from?

Michael Perscheid michaelperscheid at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 4 10:55:12 UTC 2008

Tim M schrieb:
> I was recently doing some coding in Dolphin Smalltalk and wanted to add 
> a toolbar button with a drop down menu to my application. Noticing that 
> the Dolphin browsers have this functionality for their history buttons, 
> I clicked on the live object inspect button, moved my mouse cursor over 
> the history button and got an inspector on how "they did it". Browsing 
> references in my image, I quickly found examples of how to implement 
> dropdown toolbar buttons in my app too.
> This got me thinking about Seaside - are their any good applications 
> that show off the best functionality in seaside such that I can easily 
> toggle the halos and figure out how to copy those good bits in my 
> seaside applications too? There are the test suites and there is the HPI 
> todo application (which is a close candidate) but somehow they seem a 
> bit shallow for getting full examples.
> It could be that in my newness I haven't yet picked up the good trails 
> to follow - but I can't help but notice that one of the real powers of 
> Smalltalk is that when coding there are great examples in the image 
> alongside you. In fact they are more than examples as they are being 
> used around you and so are up to date and easily browsable.
> Is there something written in Seaside maybe to manage your components 
> and browse stuff that uses drag and drop and lots of rich ajax examples 
> that would give this good example at your fingertips?
> Just a thought.
> Tim
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Hi Tim,

our former Bachelor project has created this website with Seaside: 
Here you can see some nice examples of what you can do with this 
framework. I'm afraid but the source code is not available.

Some features: - GoogleMaps integration, Ajax like tour editor, 
newsletter and other Web 2.0 stuff.

This project was done with Seaside 2.7. For more information to the 
"Tours and Traps" Project have a look at our podcast: 
http://www.swa.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/projects/tnt/index.html (at the bottom 
of the page)

Kind regards,

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