[Seaside] SeasideXUL - how to render parent component after clicking on Search Button

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 9 23:45:43 UTC 2008


I have a SearchResultComponent with children SearchComponent and 
ResultComponent.  The SearchComponent has a menu with a "Search" button. Upon 
clicking  the "Search" button, the Results Component is populated with data 
(..... below). After the search is performed, I am trying to make the 
parentResultComponent (or the whole parentSearchResultComponent) to render, 
for the found data to be shown.

I tried to use the code below (please see xml ajax callback etc) and many  
variations, but  the render (and display of data) of the ResultComponent 
never happens. (BTW, I know it works, because when I click toggle hallos the 
render  happens and the ResultComponent shows the data resulting from Search.

Any hints what I need to do to achieve displaying the results in the 
ResultComponent. ? I thought the "xml render: parentSearchResultComp." or 
alternative would do, but anything I tried failed.

  - Thanks!

SearchComponent >>renderContentOn: xml
.......wrapper code ....
	xml toolBarButton 
		type: 'radio';
		label: eachMenuItemWithAction getItemName; "Search"
		name: eachMenuItemWithAction getItemName; 
			(xml ajax callback: [
				"This will populate ResultComponent with Data"
				eachMenuItemWithAction getActionBlock value.
				"Code below does not seem to have any rendering effect on the 
parentSearchResultComp or ResultComponent!!!"
				xml render: parentSearchResultComp.
... more code...

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