[Seaside] Re: [GS/SS Beta] how to create new seaside entry point for webapp in topaz (WAS scriptaculous in updateRoot?)

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Wed Jun 11 18:36:12 UTC 2008

Chris Dawson wrote:

>Actually, the scriptaculous issue was on an application running on a
>Squeak VM.  I'm now trying to move everything over to run on GemStone,
>so as of yet, I don't have it running on the GemStone VM.  I'll keep
>reviewing the documentation and will read the multiple emails to see if
>the answer is in there somewhere.  I don't believe seaside is up and
>running yet.  I tried to run startSeaside_Hyper and got a lot of errors,
>so I'll need to review that script and the invocation documentation.
>At a quick glance, it looks like this snippet from the startSeaside
>script might be worthwhile to play with.  I am not sure how relevant the
>previous code is or whether this is enough for me for now.  I'll let you
>server := SwazooServer singleton.
>server initialize.
>site := (SeasideSite new)
>  name: 'Seaside';
>  initialize;
>  host: GsSocket getLocalHostName
>    ip: (GsSocket getHostAddressByName: GsSocket getLocalHostName)
>    port: $1;
>  initializeResourceFromUriPattern: '/', 'seaside'.
>server addSite: site.

The trouble you are seeing with starting hyper is likely caused by a 
configuration issue ... the most important being that there are a 
handful of environment variables that need to be set correctly for 
things to run ... if you send some email with the topaz errors (start 
with the first error, since there is often a 'cascade' effect) we should 
be able to figure out what's wrong ...


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