[Seaside] Re: [GS/SS Beta] how to create new seaside entry point for webapp in topaz (WAS scriptaculous in updateRoot?)

Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 21:46:39 UTC 2008


Upon closer examination I see:

topaz> topaz> topaz> topaz> topaz> topaz> topaz> topaz>
GemStone: Error         Fatal
Login failed:  the GemStone userId/password combination is invalid
or expired.
Error Category: 231169 [GemStone] Number: 4051 Arg Count: 0 Context : 20

That seems like a pretty simple fix, getting the correct password.  :)  I
was remarking to my piano teacher yesterday that I always know exactly what
he is going to tell me that session the second he shows up at my door.  Why
do I need to be told to read the script error output for the thousandth



On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 11:36 AM, Dale Henrichs <dale.henrichs at gemstone.com>

> Chris Dawson wrote:
>  Actually, the scriptaculous issue was on an application running on a
>> Squeak VM.  I'm now trying to move everything over to run on GemStone,
>> so as of yet, I don't have it running on the GemStone VM.  I'll keep
>> reviewing the documentation and will read the multiple emails to see if
>> the answer is in there somewhere.  I don't believe seaside is up and
>> running yet.  I tried to run startSeaside_Hyper and got a lot of errors,
>> so I'll need to review that script and the invocation documentation.
>> At a quick glance, it looks like this snippet from the startSeaside
>> script might be worthwhile to play with.  I am not sure how relevant the
>> previous code is or whether this is enough for me for now.  I'll let you
>> know.
>> server := SwazooServer singleton.
>> server initialize.
>> site := (SeasideSite new)
>>  name: 'Seaside';
>>  initialize;
>>  host: GsSocket getLocalHostName
>>   ip: (GsSocket getHostAddressByName: GsSocket getLocalHostName)
>>   port: $1;
>>  initializeResourceFromUriPattern: '/', 'seaside'.
>> server addSite: site.
> Chris,
> The trouble you are seeing with starting hyper is likely caused by a
> configuration issue ... the most important being that there are a handful of
> environment variables that need to be set correctly for things to run ... if
> you send some email with the topaz errors (start with the first error, since
> there is often a 'cascade' effect) we should be able to figure out what's
> wrong ...
> Dale
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