[Seaside] Re: Confused over the use of WAExternalFileLibrary...

Richard E. Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Mon Jun 16 03:07:46 UTC 2008

This is really odd to me.. I finally got it working.  In my case, I  
used the name "include" in the dispatch editor for Seaside (where the
configuration of the WAExternalFileLibrary lives) and my links needed  
to be named "include/external/foo.jpg" but the files live in
the VW image directory as "vw7.6/image/files/foo.jpg".. It also does  
not appear to handle subdirectories from what I've seen.. I guess I'll
have to spend some time looking into Apache again since this isn't  
doing what I was hoping.. Oh well..

-- Rick

On Jun 13, 2008, at 2:21 PM, Magnus Schwarz wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> although the files reside in the /files directory (i.e. /files/ 
> myFile.jpg), the proper URL in Seaside is files/external/myFile.jpg.
> (This may IMHO be a bit confusing...)
> Regards,
> Magnus
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>> Ok.. I've gotten past my initial hurdles with Boris' help but none  
>> of  my css files or images are getting pulled in due
>> to the deprecated API that I was using w/ Seaside 2.6 (besides the   
>> move from Webtoolkit to Opentalk)..
>> Anyway, in perusing the old mail messages from the list, it  
>> appears  that WAExternalFileLibrary may be the solution
>> I'm looking for but I'm stuck with trying to get it to work.  I've   
>> created a "Files" entry point as indicated and named it "include".
>> Now, I've changed one of my image references to point to /seaside/  
>> files/image.jpg but its never found.. The docs are very terse
>> on the usage.. Am I missing something?  Where does the directory  
>> lie  in the filesystem for VW? I've tried the top-level VW directory
>> along with the 'image' subdirectory...  Also, if I want to have  
>> one  directory w/ css and another with images how is that done?   
>> Thanks!
>> -- Rick
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