[Seaside] Timespan bug

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue Jun 17 00:50:58 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 01:50:43PM +1000, Steve Aldred wrote:
> Sorry for posting this here but I don't use Squeak itself and hence 
> aren't on the main squeak list.
> As a VW Seaside user I do use Squeak extensions. There is a bug in 
> Timespan as shown below:
>  (Year starting: (DateAndTime year: 2008 month: 1 day:1)) previous
> The result should be 2007 but it returns 2006.
> Year should implement previous the same as Month does.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I was going to enter a report on your
behalf in the Squeak bug tracking system, but it looks like Brent is
already on top of it :)


The bug report includes a proposed fix, which is straightforward if you
want to include it in your image:


Brent's fix is as follows:

	"This implementation handles leap years correctly"
	^ self class year: (self year - 1)


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