[Seaside] Re: Confused over the use of WAExternalFileLibrary...

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue Jun 17 11:26:22 UTC 2008

Michael Lucas-Smith wrote:

> Randal: Inefficient? That's a random stretch, if you're using 
> Opentalk-HTTP then it's not going to be particularly inefficient and 
> it's a wild call to assume that Komanche and Swazoo would be slow 
> without trying it out.

Swazoo is definitely not inefficient serving static content anymore, on 
VW is now only 4x slower than Apache, achieving 36MBytes/s, which is 
about 300Mbits/s, that is 3 times saturation of 100M ethernet:


How much is Opentalk-HTTP able to achieve?

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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