[Seaside] [SeasideXUL] How to move changes from Editable Tree to Component

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 22 14:52:54 UTC 2008

Hi Pavel,

New to both seaside and SeasideXUL, my questions should be in a (xul)Seaside 
newbies list...

I have a small test application that has a SearchResultComponent. The Search 
performs a Search action that finds data, puts them in the ResultComponent's 
model (ResultComponent is rendered as editable tree); ResultComponent is then 
rerendered by calling "SearchResultComponent refresh". 

Next I want the application user be able to edit cells in the editable 
ResultComponent tree, move the modified values into the ResultComponent model 
and save. I am trying to achieve moving the values by registering a callback 
with a "Save" menu item on the ResultComponent, which would obtain updated 
data from the edited tree. 

If the description above is somewhat clear, a few questions: is moving 
modified data from the XUL tree doable without wrapping the Result into a 
form; and in either case, is there an example or code I can look at? I did 
look at the XULPeriodicTableForms and tried to get "Save" in my example work 
a similar way (with and without form) but failed so far.

I can paste my code experiments but I thought I should first ask for high 
level suggestions and help,

Thanks Milan

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