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Is there any "seaside for dummies" guide explaining how to install it on a
Debian server and start shared development, versioning, etc? That would
imply Gemstone, if I understand your msg. One of the things that make a tool
widespread is really those "all in one page" guides that abound for many
tools. My opinion is that such things, if published on the Seaside site,
would make a lot of difference.


2008/6/23 James Foster <Smalltalk at jgfoster.net>:

> Hi Marze,
> I'm not familiar with GOODS or with Postgres, so I'm not sure how you would
> create an application that uses those tools. The general approach
> recommended for GemStone/S is to use class (instance) variables to keep
> objects persistent. Start your Seaside application in Squeak and just use
> the image for persistence. When you are ready to deploy, just export your
> application using Monticello and import it into GemStone/S using Monticello.
> Why would you wait till your site gets bigger to port everything to
> GemStone? Why not start with GemStone? Then you wouldn't have to do any
> object-relational mapping in the first place.
> GemStone/S is started by using the command line and you get to a Smalltalk
> interpreter using a command-line tool named Topaz.
> By the way, 'Smalltalk' has only one capital letter.
> James
> On Jun 22, 2008, at 3:32 PM, Marcelino Llano wrote:
>  Hello list! this is my first post, sorry if it's something obvious
>> I've been reading a lot about the platform and I'm missing one thing
>> When I develop a new app on Seaside and I want to start, let's say with
>> GOODS and Postgres and two images under Squeak, but
>> then my site gets bigger and I want to port everything to GemStone, how
>> could I do that? because I read that GemStone is
>> the only vendor that supports this kind of migration among SmallTalk VMs
>> multiple forks
>> And other (simple) thing, could I start an image on my server through the
>> command-line? there's no GUI!
>> Thanx in advance!
>> marze
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