[Seaside] [SeasideXUL] View->Page Source in browser shows XUL asone long line

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Wed Jun 25 17:44:13 UTC 2008

> Pavel,
> A minor note, View->Page Source in Firefox 3 (I think also 
> all older versions) 
> show XUL as one long line. It would be neat if it has some 
> newline/whitespace 
> formatting so it does not have to be pasted into a editor for viewing.
> Thanks Milan

You really shouldn't be doing that, load a real plug-in like "firebug" or
"view source chart" to see properly formatted source without the need to
hack the web server to pretty print.  Pretty printing is not the web servers
job, and your client can already do it much better.

Ramon Leon

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